Sarajevo (and Bosnia and Herzegovina) is classified as middle-expensive city in comparison to the rest of Europe. Although the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is growing every year and the expat community is thriving, cost are following slowly but do not expect Western European costs. If you like going out, meeting friendly welcoming locals, you will surely love Sarajevo.

The local currency is the convertible mark (BAM or KM).

1 € = 1,95 KM

1 $ = 1,80 KM

Average prices are presented below for different categories that students (and staff) are mostly interested (per month):

  • Accommodation: 150 – 250 EUR depending on the position of the place
  • Food & Drinks: 50 EUR
  • Books (prices per book): 25 – 50 EUR
  • Local transportation (month): 10 – 25 EUR (student discount is possible)