Following the epidemiological situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Decisions and Orders by Federal Crisis Headquarter for civic protection, International Relation s Office has arranged its time-table and duration of working hours.

We do not accept any student or staff members in the premises of the Office. All consultations are done via email ( and or by phone +387 33 565 116 between 10,00 and 14,00 hours, every working day.


Teaching at the University of Sarajevo in academic 2020/2021 has started on 12th October, 2020 following the “combination model” which includes:

  • online classes of theoretical teaching, consultations and other ways of teaching where possible
  • teaching in classrooms for exercises and practices where needed and possible
  • exams which can be held online and/or in the classroom depending on the situation

Each member unit of the University of Sarajevo can make decision about the regime of teaching (online or in classroom) following the instructions of Federal Ministry of Health making sure to respect room capacity and number of people in it, as well as epidemiological measures.


Exchange options for incoming students and staff members have been suspended during Winter semester 2020/2021 (October 2020 – February 2021).

Taking into account the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and Europe, the University of Sarajevo, together with its partner institutions in Europe, monitors the health situation, as well as travel restrictions.

University of Sarajevo is currently accepting nomination of students and staff members for their mobility in Summer semester 2020/2021 (February – July 2021). The mobility will be able to be implemented ONLY under the condition that the mobility will be performed smoothly and safe for the health of the candidates. In case of increasing number of infected, you will be notified of the cancellation in a timely manner. It is recommended not to take any activities of booking / paying for travel and accommodation, and regulating the visa before you get permission to do so.