Although you have been nominated and accepted through scholarship mobility program (i.e. Erasmus+), you still need to enroll when classes officially start.

Enrollment is needed so that you can freely follow classes, research, participate in group studies and take exams which is requested to issue final documents and reports about your mobility (transcript of records). During your nomination and application procedure you have provided certain necessary application documents, but before classes start, you need to register officially at the host member unit of the University of Sarajevo by purchasing needed enrollment documents:

  • index and 
  • enrollment forms

These documents can be purchased at the Rectorate of the University of Sarajevo – III floor by presenting proof of already paid registration fee 30,00 BAM/15 EUR).

These documents are needed to be filled in by you and given to the Student services office at the host member institution of the University of Sarajevo (your assigned buddy can help you with the filling). Additional documents to include with enrollment papers are:

  • your birth certificate which you need to bring from your home country
  • passport

Instructions on filling necessary documents: