Here we explain how to come to the University of Sarajevo as an exchange student covering topics:

  1. What is nomination?
  2. How to apply?
  3. Required applications documents
  4. What happens next?
  5. When to apply?
  6. Duration of mobility
  7. Academic calendar
  8. Results
  9. Acceptance and confirmation


An incoming exchange student can be defined as a person enrolled at the higher education institution abroad and doing a limited period of study abroad (in the framework of ongoing studies at the home institution).

This mobility increases one’s linguistic and social skills and well as the maturity, confidence and self-esteem. Having an international experience has a positive impact in your future career and it’s a mind opened for an increasingly global world.

Exchange is usually done through the implementation of different mobility programs (i.e. Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Mevlana, International Visegrad Fund, DAAD, Fulbright, programs supported by government through their embassies in the host countries, university, national or regional funds, or self-financed mobility).

In any case, you can apply to the University of Sarajevo as an exchange student if:

  • there is a valid exchange agreement* between your home university and the University of Sarajevo, and
  • you have been nominated by your home university.

* In some cases, without previously signed bilateral agreement, your potential mobility to UNSA can be a subject of discussion of the teacher council, but it this case some fees might be applicable. This is called “freemover”.


Check with your home university (International Relations Office or Erasmus+ office) the availability to apply for an international mobility at UNSA (usually through open call). Regardless if you will be funded through scholarship program (like Erasmus+) or self-financed during your stay in Sarajevo you must be officially nominated by your home institution. Nomination is an activity done through email communication from your home coordinator who confirms that the student was selected and supported by his/her home institution to carry out a study period at UNSA.

You home university needs to send us:

  • candidate’s data (name, surname, study field, study cycle, email, and chosen study program at UNSA)
  • application documents (see below)


After official nomination from your home university, if we do not receive your documents in the nomination procedure, you will be contacted by our office to send needed documents by given deadlines (above).

Future exchange student needs to send next documents:

  • Learning Agreement
    • please use Erasmus+ form
    • list of modules offered in English is provided here
    • contact person at “receiving institution” in charge for you at UNSA is provided here
  • CV or biography (preferably Europass form)
  • Proof of knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian or English language, UNSA requires a scanned copy of a language certificate which proves the language level B1-B2 (according to the Common European Framework for Languages – see:

When you collect and fill in needed documents, please send your documents to the following emails: and by given deadlines (below).


When we receive your application documents (stated above) until the given deadline (stated below), we will send your document for further evaluation to the faculty coordinators at the host unit of the University of Sarajevo. They will decide if you will be accepted, if your documents need modifications or rejected (with explanation).


For Winter semester (October – February) or Full Academic year

  • Nomination done by your Home University: 15 May
  • Application documents sent by incoming student/staff: 30 May

For Summer semester (February – July)

  • Nomination done by your Home University: 15 November
  • Application documents sent by incoming student/staff: 30 November

Please note that late applications will not be considered!


Student can apply for the period of 1 or 2 semesters (4-5 months or 10 months). Duration is usually determined in the mobility program public call.


Important dates for incoming exchange students:

  • Winter semester (October – February)
  • Summer semester (February – July)

More information are given in the section: Academic calendar.


After your official nomination and application, we will forward your profile with documents to the host unit of the University of Sarajevo to the responsible coordinators. They will bring decision based on the information provided in the application documents. You should receive your respond in duration of 2-4 weeks. You will be informed whether your application is accepted or needs update or declined. After we receive your application documents and your host department has approved your application, we will send you confirmation (below).


Documents that prove the acceptance of the students at UNSA:

  • Acceptance letter – issued by UNSA host unit proving that the student was accepted and which will be used for visa’s purposes (only if required);
  • Learning Agreement approved by UNSA host unit – after signed and stamped by the Departmental Coordinator, Learning Agreement is sent by e-mail to the sending institution.