An incoming training staff can be defined as a person employ at higher education institution abroad and doing a short/limited period of professional training abroad (in the framework of ongoing work at the home institution). 

Training staff focuses on non-teaching staff members who would be interested to do training periods abroad which can consist of job shadowing, observation periods, professional development courses or specific competence-building events. In our case, we organize several events through out the year which gathers staff members from certain field of work to meet and discuss about challenges in everyday work (i.e. Staff week, Scholarship fair, etc.) and some individual training mobility.

Training staff can include teaching staff, too under circumstances where teacher will serve as representatives of internationalization of the university (presenting their home institution, sharing information and doing presentations in accordance to his/her mobility).

Exchange is usually done through the implementation of different mobility programs (i.e. Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Mevlana, International Visegrad Fund, DAAD, Fulbright, programs supported by government through their embassies in the host countries, university, national or regional funds, or self-financed mobility).

In any case, you can apply to the University of Sarajevo as an exchange staff member if:

  • there is a valid exchange agreement between your home university and the University of Sarajevo, and
  • you have been nominated by your home university.

WHEN TO COME (nomination and application dates:)

Training staff members coming for training mobility can come to UNSA depending on the purpose: if it is an event like staff week, then it should be nominated and registered before given deadlines. If it is “individual program mobility” i.e. job-shadowing and meetings regarding certain implementation of project or other activities, then it must be nominated 1-2 months prior to their preferred mobility dates. Mobility dates are should always be agreed with the host coordinators at the University of Sarajevo.


Non-teaching mobility staff interested in doing an mobility for training at the University of Sarajevo (UNSA) must:

  • ask their home coordinators for the mobility possibilities with the University of Sarajevo
  • check the options at the University of Sarajevo (staff week, fairs, offices and departments you might be interested in to connect and implement your training mobility)
  • if required, apply to your home university open call for mobility in accordance to the regulations;
  • be nominated by your home coordinator to the University of Sarajevo’s International Relations Office

You home university needs to send us:

  • candidate’s data (name, surname, study field, type of mobility, email, and preferably mobility agreement)
  • application documents (see below)

Individual applications (before official nomination made by home university) are not acceptable.


After official nomination from your home university, if we do not receive your documents in the nomination procedure, you will be contacted by our office to send needed documents by given deadlines (above).

STAFF needs to send next documents:

  • Mobility agreement for training – using Erasmus+ form
  • CV biography (preferably Europass form)

When you collect and fill in needed documents, please send your documents to the following emails: and by given deadlines (above).


Duration is usually agreed with the host coordinators. If applying through international mobility programs (i.e. Erasmus+, Mevlana, Ceepus, etc.) staff can apply for 5 days (excluding travel dates).


UNSA presumes that nominated staff has a high level of knowledge of English language and it does not require any certification, especially since it is expected that nominated staff is capable to actively deliver presentation and participate in different events at UNSA.


After your official nomination and application, we will forward your profile with documents to the host institution of the University of Sarajevo to the responsible coordinators. They will bring decision based on the information provided in the application documents. You should receive your respond in duration of 2-4 weeks. You will be informed whether your nomination is accepted or declined.


Documents that prove the acceptance of the students/staff at UNSA:

  • Acceptance email – sent by UNSA proving that the staff was accepted;
  • Mobility Agreement approved by UNSA – after signed and stamped by the Departmental Coordinator, Mobility Agreement is sent by e-mail to the nominee.