Official Academic calendar of the University of Sarajevo is given on the official website Below, we have provided you with abstracts that are interested for your mobility period at the University of Sarajevo.

The academic year at the University of Sarajevo starts on 1st October and officially ends on 30th September of the following year. It is consisted of two semesters:

  • Winter (from October to February)
  • Summer (from February to July)

Exams are organized after classes: for Winter semester January/February, for Summer semester June/July. Dates may vary and it is needed to regularly check with professor and announcements.

Academic 2020/2021


International mobilities (incoming and outgoing) are suspended in the Winter semester due to the outbreak of COVID19. We will monitor the situation and inform all interested parties for further activities and whether mobilities will continue in Summer semester 2020/2021.

SUMMER SEMESTER (dates may vary due to the Covid19 influence)

  • WELCOME DAY: Thursday, 18 February 2021
  • Classes: 22 February – 5 June 2021
  • Exams period: June/July 2021

Please note that you will be notified on whether international mobilities and hosting at the University of Sarajevo will be possible.


University of Sarajevo is closed for the following dates:

1-2 January – New Year
1 March – B&H’s Independence Day
1-2 May – Labour’s Day
25 November – Statehood Day


There is a break in the academic calendar for religious holidays such as Christmas (Catholic and Ortodox), Easter, Ramadan and Eid Bayram, Jom Kipur, etc (dates vary according to the movement of the holiday day). In this case University can be either closed or no exam activity during that period. The exact dates are determined by each department so please check with the program/department to confirm when classes / assignments are paused.