Acceptance and confirmation

The nomination, application and response process should not last more than one to four weeks (depending on how soon you provide us with your Application form).

Depending on your entered data in the Application form, the host coordinator will evaluate and bring one of the following decisions:

  • Accepted, followed by sending you a Welcome email with needed information and the next steps (creating a Learning agreement, etc.). After that, you will be included in the email list for further notification about academic and practical information. You need to receive the letter of acceptance (from the departmental coordinator) and a signed Erasmus+ learning agreement.
  • Modified, followed by an email with suggested changes (the reasons behind this can be you might have chosen the wrong subjects or the wrong semester, or the subject is not available, or you do not have enough ECTS, etc.). Once you make the needed changes, your nomination will be accepted.
  • Declined, followed by an email with an explanation (the reasons behind this can be that we do not offer the program you are interested in, or the program/subjects are not provided for international students, etc.).