University of Sarajevo does not have its dorms. However, in cooperation with Student center, we can offer you accommodation in two student dorms in Sarajevo.

University of Sarajevo doesn’t have it’s own student or staff dorms. However, in cooperation with the company “Studentski centar” we can offer our students two accommodation facilities:

  1. Student dorm BJELAVE
  2. Student dorm NEDŽARIĆI

For reservation and more information of above mentioned student dorms please communicate via email: and

We do not offer accommodation for staff members, so we suggest private accommodation (please scroll down for more information).



This dorm offers seven (7) buildings. In the end of 2016 it has been reconstructed entirely. Each building offers reading room, sport fields for football and basketball.


Bjelave3-bed2-bed1-bedwC and shower in roomMutual bathroomOnly sink in the roomInternet includedTV
Building 5333,00 KM348,00 KMn/an/aYesn/an/an/a
Building 1352,00 KM358,00 KMn/an/aYesYesn/an/a
Buildings 8 and 9n/a352,00 KMn/an/aYesYesn/an/a
Building 4373,00 KM380,00 KMn/aYesn/an/an/an/a
Building 7377,00 KM388,00 KMn/aYesn/an/an/an/a
Building 2n/a414,00 KMn/aYesn/an/aYesYes



Each room in this dorm is en-suite (includes bathroom). It also offers gym, sport fields for basketball and football. Tram station is very close for quick connection to the city center and university units.


Nedžarići3-bed2-bed1-bedWC and shower in the room
5-7 floor373,00 KM380,00 KMn/aYes
1-4 floor377,00 KM388,00 KMn/aYes
8 floorn/a409,00 KMn/aYes


Private accommodation is also possible solution for incoming students and only option for staff members. You can search through accommodation portals such as AirbnbBooking or local search web We recommend to communicate with local students through Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo association who can offer best solutions and recommendations for your private accommodation during your mobility in Sarajevo. Students can also contact former exchange students in Sarajevo for more information through social media (Facebook group – UNSA incoming).