Covid-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have been challenged with the high number of cases of COVID-19 during the last waves, which introduced some of the restrictions. However, as of 24 February 2022, the restrictions are lowered which include:

  • wearing masks indoors and outdoors are not obligatory (only recommended). There are some exceptions where you need to have them on: medical institutions, homes for eldery people, public transport.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes throughout the country are open. There is no curfew.

Local restrictions are subject to change, and authorities have recently increased restrictions following a rise in cases.


Entry and Exit Requirements:

There are no restrictions to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, all non-B&H citizens wishing to enter B&H must have one of the following proofs upon the border:

  • a negative COVID-19 test (PCR) not older than 48 hours from the moment of entry, or
  • proof of being vaccinated more than 14 days before entering B&H with 2nd or 3rd dose or
  • confirmation issued by your doctor stating you have had Covid19 in the 14-180 days before your entrance to B&H.

We recommend checking any restrictions/inputs with the Embassy or the Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina in your home country. More about entrance and exit requirements are given on

Covid-19 and the University of Sarajevo

The University of Sarajevo is making the necessary changes in the procedures so that everyone can be guaranteed maximum security and assure that our students (international and local) will continue to have a profitable academic experience in the best health and safety conditions. However, the concrete requirements of the semesters will depend on the evolution of the pandemic caused by Covid-19. The scenario is, therefore, very uncertain. Our Institution monitors the situation concerning COVID-19 in permanent contact with the competent authorities.

The classes at the University of Sarajevo are organized following the Covid-19 regulations. So far, we have had a hybrid model, where depending on the module and attendance, the classes were online or with live presence.

COVID-19 testing in Sarajevo

First point of contact:

The emergency medical/ambulance dispatcher in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 124.

  • This is a 24/ 7 emergency line
  • This will send an ambulance to your location and take you to the appropriate care center as decided by the ambulance team (usually a doctor and a nurse)

Purchase of antigen tests

In every Pharmacy, you can purchase antigen test for Covid-19, which can tell you your status in a matter of 20 minutes. The price depends on the type of test, which can go from 10-30 KM (5-15€).

Student Polyclinic in Sarajevo:

  • As a enrolled student at the University of Sarajevo you can get referral for free PCR testing to Covid-19. You need to call +387 33 251 870 and ask for OPŠTA (General department). There, the doctor wwill open your file and schedule a meeting.

Medical (health) insurance information

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, doctors and hospitals expect payment at the time of service (often in cash though credit cards are accepted in some cases). You were supposed to have your Health insurance during your mobility here. Please check with your insurance about the coverage you have while in B&H and what is required to submit your claim subsequently.

Options for COVID-19 testing in Sarajevo

AGC Laboratory

Polyclinic “AGRAM”

  • Phone: 033 755 560
  • Address: Trg međunarodnog prijateljstva 20
  • Website: Poliklinika Agram

Sarajevo International Airport – “Eurofarm Center”

Polyclinic “Dr. Al Tawil”

Health Center “Alea – Dr. Kandić”

“BIH Medicinski laboratorij”


“Eurofarm Center”

  • “Unitic” location
    • Phone: 033 296 375
    • Address: Polyclinic in “Unitic”, Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1
  • Ilidza location
    • Phone: 033 773 032
    • Address: Polylclinic Ilidža, Butmirska cesta 14
  • Website:  Eurofarm Centar

Institute for Biomedical Diagnostics and Research “Nalaz”

  • Centar location
  • Grbavica location
    • Phone: 033 651 371
    • Address: Hasana Brkića 2 (Shopping Center Grbavica)
    • Email:
  • Website:  Nalaz