Grading system

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, grades from 5 to 1 are used in primary and secondary education, while grades from 10 to 5 are used at universities (academic performance is either graded according to the 6 – scale or evaluated by a pass/fail).

University of Sarajevo regulate it’s grading system with the Law of Higher Education of the Canton Sarajevo by article 62 and applies the principles of the Bologna Declaration implementing European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Grade (UNSA)MeaningECTS
Grade pointsExplanation
10ExcellentA95-100Exceptional success without mistakes or very small mistakes
9Very goodB85-94Above average, with some mistakes
8GoodC75-84Average, with noticeable mistakes
7SatisfactoryD65-74Generally good, but with significant missing
6SufficientE55-64Meets the minimum requirements
5FailF<55Does not meet the minimum requirements

Since 2005, the University of Sarajevo implements the Bologna Education System and ECTS. One semester is 30 ECTS, and one academic year is 60 ECTS. One (1) ECTS corresponds to approx. 25 hours of studying.