Health care

Sarajevo’s ambulance, police, fire and mountain rescue services are well equipped and have extensive experience in handling emergency responses.

Health facilities are limited, especially outside Sarajevo and other major cities. All medical and dental care must be paid for in cash at the point of treatment. Students and staff members are advised to take our full travel and medical insurance before coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the purpose of residence permit students will have to provide insurance (life, travel and medical) that covers all period of their mobility. Also, they will have to go under medical exam in order to provide their health before starting their studies.

Emergency numbers and locations:

Emergency number for ambulance: 124

“Hitna pomoć Sarajevo” (Full name: Institute of Emergency Health Care, Sarajevo)
Phone: 124 or 033 611-111
Address: Kolodvorska 14, Sarajevo

Available 24/7. For any acute condition, call 124. Depending on the situation, they will dispatch an ambulance to your location or provide advice over the phone. They will come to your accommodation or any location depending on the nature of the emergency. Alternatively, if you are able to move, you can take a taxi and ask to be taken to the “Hitna Pomoc”. Be prepared to pay the fee (usually small) on the spot.

Hitna Pomoć will provide emergency treatment at the scene or take you to a different facility as necessary. They provide basic treatment, advice and medications, and treat less serious cases in their own facility. Urgent cases will be transfered to the “KUM” (Kosevo Hospital Emergency Clinic) or the State Hospital’s ER.

Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (“Kosevo Hospital”)

Phone: Switchboard: 033 297 000
Address: Bolnička 25
Website: Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo

The Center of Emergency Medicine (“KUM”) has a “VIP Outpatient Unit” that primarily treats foreigners with foreign health insurance (Hours: week days 8:00 to 16:00).

The KUM is closed on Mondays; on that day cases will be transferred to the State Hospital.

General Hospital “Dr. Abdulah Nakaš” (also known as the “State Hospital”)

Phone: Switchboard: 033 285 100
Emergency room: 033 285 261
Admissions: 033 285 113
Address: Kranjčevićeva 12
Website: General Hospital “Dr. Abdulah Nakas”