Holidays in B&H

University of Sarajevo is closed during Summer holidays (end of July until end of August). There might be organisation of several Summer schools and events, but classes and administration offices are closed.

Public holidays

Below are listed Public holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina with focus on non-working days for the University of Sarajevo (meaning during below listed days University of Sarajevo will be closed):

  • New Year – 1 and 2 January
  • B&H Independence Day – 1 March
  • Labour Day – 1 and 2 May
  • B&H Statehood Day – 25 November

Religious holidays

During religious holidays classes and exams are not performed, however some administration offices might be open.

Religions holidays celebrated in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

  • Islamic holidays (Ramadan Month of fasting, Ramadan Bayram, Eid el Fitr, Islamic New Year)
  • Jewish holidays (Jon Kipur, Hanuka)
  • Catholic holidays (Christmas, Assumption, All saints, Easter)
  • Ortodox holidays (Christmas, New Year, St Sava, All saints, Easter)

Members of minorities who celebrate their holidays (Roma, protestants, …)