Public transport in Sarajevo


If you decide to use public city transport, you will have a tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus network that will allow you to reach any significant location in Sarajevo. Having the city transport ticket is mandatory, and you can buy it at the small shops/kiosks next to the station or in the vehicle:

  • One drive 1,60 -1,80 KM
  • Daily drive 5,30 KM
  • 10-days drive 37,20 KM

The card must be annulled after entering the vehicle. If caught without a ticket (or annulled ticket), you can be fined! Please note: tickets are not integrated, so tickets are different whether you are using the tram or the bus. Make sure you purchase the correct ticket for the transport.

  • Student Discount

There is a student discount when purchasing a monthly public transport card that costs 20 KM. Upon enrolment at UNSA, you can obtain your Student coupon for public transport. You will need to bring to the City Transport Service following documents:

  1. confirmation of your enrollment status at UNSA (received from Student services of the host UNSA unit)
  2. application form titled “Prijava za subvenciju prevoza redovnih studenata sa područja Kantona Sarajevo
  3. ID card (to show)
  4. UNSA’s Index (to show)
  5. 1 Photo
  • City transport map

A user-friendly map of public transport in Sarajevo is given at

There are also many bus and minibus lines linking the city centre with sloping settlements and the suburbs of Sarajevo. The most frequent bus line is the one that drives from the Town Hall to the Dobrinja settlement (Line 31E).


Several taxi companies in Sarajevo provide transportation services at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. The starting price for taxi vehicles in most cases is 1.5 KM, while each additional kilometer is charged at 1 KM.

Sarajevo taxi 1515
Red taxi 76 06 00
Samir & Emir taxi 1516
Paja 033 15 22
Holland taxi  033 431 111
Kale taxi 033 570 900


Sarajevo offers the possibility of cycling around the city. Most of the city has marked hiking trails. Unleash a bike through the terminal, mobile app or smart card and enjoy driving!

Nextbike is available in several locations across the city. You can ride free every day for 30 minutes, and after 30 minutes free of charge, for each bicycle rental up to 60 minutes, a fee of 1,50 KM / h.