Public transport in Sarajevo


City transport is free to use for students of the University of Sarajevo. It makes Sarajevo unique city in the region and one of the few in Europe to offer this. If you decide to use public city transport, you will have a tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus network that will allow you to reach any significant location in Sarajevo. How to get free pass? You need to provide:

  • 1 photo of yourself (small for documents),
  • Certificate of your student status at the University of Sarajevo (issued, signed and stamped by the academic coordinator or the student services upon your enrolment at the hosting UNSA unit where you have your classes. The document must be in the local language. In the certificate, it has to be stated that you are a current student enrolled in the current academic year – redovan).

The photo and the certificate must be brought to the GRAS office (address: Ćumurija 4) every working day from 7,00 until 15,00h. Submitting those documents, you will receive an electrical pass, enabling you to use all city transport in the Canton of Sarajevo (trams, buses, minibuses, electrical busses) from both city transport companies (GRAS and Centrotrans). 

  • City transport map

A user-friendly map of public transport in Sarajevo is given at

Many bus and minibus lines link the city centre with sloping settlements and the suburbs of Sarajevo. The most frequent bus line is the one that drives from the Town Hall to the Dobrinja settlement (Line 31E).


Several taxi companies in Sarajevo provide transportation services at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. In most cases, the starting price for taxi vehicles is 1.5 KM, while each additional kilometre is charged at 1 KM.

Sarajevo taxi 1515
Red taxi 76 06 00
Samir & Emir taxi 1516
Paja 033 15 22
Holland taxi  033 431 111
Kale taxi 033 570 900


Sarajevo offers the possibility of cycling around the city. Most of the city has marked hiking trails. Unleash a bike through the terminal, mobile app or smart card and enjoy driving!

Public bikes (NextBike) and electronic scooters (BeeBeeBinBin and Kiwi) are also available for more accessible transport throughout the city. You must download their app, connect your card, and be ready.