Students with special needs

If you are a student who requires special needs, please make sure to communicate with us first to check and provide an environment and support for your comfortable mobility in Sarajevo.

The University of Sarajevo has the Office for student support (UPS), whose activity is primarily focused on providing help and support to students and developing an inclusive culture, policy and practice in the area of higher education.

Basic services are:

  • help with choosing a study program,
  • support for improving access to education,
  • ensuring the conditions for meeting needs and enjoying rights,
  • psychological help,
  • informing and educating students,
  • improving the study experience of students with disabilities,
  • research activities,
  • organization and realization of training for academic staff,
  • Participation in the adoption and changes of legal and by-laws related to education.

Departments in the Student Support Office:

  • Legal Aid Department
  • Department of Psychological Counseling
  • Department for students with disabilities
  • Career Counseling Department

Members of the professional team of the Student Support Office:

Prof. Ph.D. Lejla Kafedžić – Head of the Student Support Office
Prof. Ph.D. Snjezana Šušnjara
Asst. Ph.D. Lejla Osmić
Asst. Ph.D. Sandra Bjelan-Guska
dr. Merima Zukić

Professional associates in the Student Support Office:

Neđmina Ademović, MA –
Amina Dumanjić, MA –
Amina Ribić, MA –


The campus of the University of Sarajevo
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Office of Student Support (UPS!)
Zmaja od Bosna no. 8
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 668 251

The Office of Student Support has some assistive technology. Students must be registered in the Office to use it. Training for the use of assistive technology is possible with prior notice in the Office.