Sarajevo was my first option when I applied for mobility, and I am very happy to have received it. I have been here for 10 months and I loved every day of it. Administration is somewhat complicated (as everywhere), but every second staying in Sarajevo is worth it.

Yasin Kiraz

Otto friedrich university of bamburg, germany
bachelor (economics)

I chose Sarajevo because I know this is one of the best universities in the region, where I would learn a lot because of the city and its culture. The whole experience was amazing. I have meet many fantastic people, wonderful people, a have learn a lot. I will remember this stay forever. I recommend University of Sarajevo for students, for staff, for the city. The staff at the International Relations office is professional and will try to help as much as they can. Just come, just enjoy, just take any opportunity offered here. 

Katarzyna Koziol

University of warsaw, poland
Staff training (international relations office)

Definitely, the city is small but beautiful and really characteristic. I fell I learn a lot in here, since the culture is so different, I would recommend it for sure to my friends. The IRO was always helpful and caring about the Erasmus students. Other activities were nice as well.

Joao Manuel Sabino Guedes

MASTER (mechanical engineering)

I got the chance to come to this part of the Europe. As soon as I have arrived, I have fulfilled my expectations, as it gave me what I have expect from, especially coming from the technical background that is not always simple to find anywhere. I would definitely recommend anybody to come here, for personal and academic reasons.

Daniel Gallego Fernandez

University of vigo, spain
master (mechanical engineering)

I came to Sarajevo three year prior my mobility, and I feel in love. So as I live in Ljubljana, I have decided to spend more time here and apply for mobility. Sarajevo was an amazing experience for me and my colleagues. School system is better than I was expecting, but also different (I prefer it that way). International Relations office will provide you what you need. You will feel like home. 

Carlos Miguel Pinto Vieira dos Santos

UNIVERSITY OF ljubljana, slovenia
MASTER (economics)

I am very thankful to have come at the University of Sarajevo because with the help of academic professors and colleagues, and with support of International Relations office, I have finished my research. I would recommend other researchers and PhD students to come to Sarajevo, because it is the city of rich culture which can be inspiring for work, life and enjoyment in academic world.

Anita Lunić

University of Split, Croatia
PhD (Philosophy)