Welcome activities

Before classes officially start, our office organizes Welcome activities for all incoming students where we provide needed academic and administrative information, as well as practical information for better “acclimatization to Sarajevo”. Welcome activities are usually held a week prior the classes officially start.

We organize this together with Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo (ESN). This is the opportunity for you to meet each other, to meet former scholars from Sarajevo and to introduce to you our International Relations office and the units of the university. Also, we will invite institutional coordinators from the host faculties/academies to our Welcome day to give you needed academic information.

This will be great opportunity to exchange practical and academic information as well as to be updated with necessary information for your mobility.

Through this events, we offer:

  • Introduction with University of Sarajevo
  • Instructions for Residence permit
  • Bosnian language school
  • Trip to Herzegovina
  • City tour (ESN)
  • Games and sport events (ESN)

many more…