Erasmus+ is the educational “umbrella” program of the European Union. Why “umbrella”? Because it consists of programs for education, training, youth and sports that were previously organized separately but are now integrated and global (because they cross the borders of the countries of the European Union). More precisely, it consists of seven former programs of the European Commission and, as such, offers more opportunities for cooperation than these programs provided individually. Erasmus+ offers a wide range of options for students and academic and non-teaching staff to study or do internships abroad, give lectures, professional development, and capacity building and creation of cooperation networks between higher education institutions of EU member states and other countries of the world.

To achieve the goals of the Erasmus+ program, many activities are carried out, the most popular of which is (also available to us):

  1. Key activity 1: mobility of individuals for learning purposes
  2. Key activity 2: cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices (capacity building)
  3. Key activity 3: support for policy reform
  4. Jean Monnet: higher education sector (area of European integration)
  5. Sport: cooperation partnerships

How to involve the University of Sarajevo in Erasmus+ activities and projects?

The University of Sarajevo appears as one “body” in this program (regardless of whether a faculty, academy, centre, or institute applies). Although many projects are implemented at (sub)organizational units of the University of Sarajevo, when applying for these calls, the application is filled out in front of the University, which has its own participant identification information. More information on including the University of Sarajevo as your Erasmus partner is explained at:

How to come for mobility to the University of Sarajevo? (for students and staff members)

International students and staff members can come to the University of Sarajevo through different program schemes (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, International Visegrad Fund, DAAD, Fulbright, etc.) or as a freemover. Considering the massive interest in the incoming international mobility to the UNSA, our Office maintains a specialised website for incoming students and staff members.