As in every country in the world, Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own regulations when it come to foreign entering and exiting. As an exchange student/staff who will stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina longer than 90 days for academic/administrative purposes, you will need to regulate your residence. This is done in two steps:

  • White card
  • Residence permit

White card

This document is issued by the accommodation provider (hotel/hostel/apartment owner) upon your arrival. In the first several days your will need to get this. If by any chance this document cannot be issued by the accommodation provider, you need to go to the Foreign Affairs Office with next documents:

  • proof of accommodation (document issued by accommodation provided stating that you are staying at their place) – verified,
  • landlord identification document (copy)
  • your identification document – passport (copy) and
  • payment of 10,00 BAM (KM) for administration taxes.

Proof of accommodation is usually given in the form of statement and it is needed to be officially verified. The closest place in the centre is the Center Municipality (Općina Centar), address: Mis Irbina 1 – marked on map below. NOTE: verification of documents in Municipality is free of charge for students. For the verification, your landlord or the person that he/she authorized, must accompany you.

Residence permit

Residence permit is a document that regulates your staying as a exchange student for the purpose and period of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is required to be issued in the first month of students/staff arrival. This document is issued by the Office for Foreigners Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to obtain this permit, you need to collect certain documents and bring it personally to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Documents that are required are provided on the official website of Office for Foreigners Affairs.

NOTE: All documents must be issued or translated on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. If you are submitting documents in English, make sure to have translation on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.

Explanations for the next documents:

  • Certificate on enrollment at education institution for current academic year
  • Certificate certifying that an alien participate in program of students exchange or mobility of youth, if he/she
    is enrolled at the educational institution upon this basis
  • Evidence on means for subsistence

will be provided by University of Sarajevo – by academic coordinators from your host units of the University of Sarajevo. During each Welcome day, we explain these information more detailed.

How to get to the Service for Foreigner Affairs?

Service of the Foreigners’ Affaires has their new offices at the new address: Braće Mulića bb (bb stands for no number). You will notice black – glass building and official flags of Bosnia and Herzegovina next to it.

By taxi: depending from where are you leaving, from the Old Town Baščaršija until the offices the taxi should charge you approximately 15-18 KM. The price should be less if your are closer to the Offices. Make sure that taxi-meter is turned on.

By trolleybus: make sure to catch the bus that goes towards Dobrinja. On the second-to-last station you’ll need to exit and walk approximately 800 meters back to the Service of the Foreigners’ Affairs.