About the programme
These programmes’ mission is to provide world class program in teaching and learning within the area of Electrical Engineering, to develop technologies and technologists in the area of electrical engineering possessing high values and morals to spearhead technology knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and personal tutorials, practical sessions, group design, guest speakers. This is all arranged in correlation with lectures/ professors. You will also spend a significant amount of time in doing personal study.

Lectures are given in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. PhD cycle have lessons in English, too. Paper work, mentorship and exams can be organized in English at all levels. You have to check with the Faculty coordinator whether they give the opportunity to listen your preferred lectures in English.

Assessment is by courseware, classroom tests and examinations. Group learning, teamwork, individual work and communication skills are assessed through design group studies and reports as well as presentations. Practical work is also a part of the examinations.

Address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, 71000 Sarajevo
Web: http://www.etf.unsa.ba